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Owner & President

I love to sing often and loudly.

I was not blessed with singing as a talent.

I can eat an entire cob of corn nonstop without missing a piece – typewriter method.

I’ve cut my own hair since 10th grade (even for my wedding).

While standing in a checkout line in 2011, I randomly saw and bought the book The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss. Four chapters into it I called Laurie, who was days away from having our second son, and proposed the idea of living in Europe for a while. She said yes, and in two months we had everything set so I could work remotely while we took our two young children to Italy and Spain for four months.


Owner & Business Development

Traveling is my passion and it brings me to an entire new level of happiness. My favorite places to go are to Italy to see my family and to any Spanish-speaking country, where I can immerse myself in the amazing Hispanic culture.

I was all set to move to the Canary Islands (part of Spain) upon graduating college from UW-Madison, but a good job offer and an even better man (who became my husband, Brett) made me want to stay.

My perspective on how big I could dream and how few possessions one really requires changed when we took our two month old and two year old sons to live in Europe for four months…with only one carry on suitcase each.

Music can change my mood in an instant, and my tastes are quite varied. When I’m with my three children, my favorite thing to listen to is the soundtrack from Sound of Music, which is my favorite movie. While working, I prefer classical music. When I’m alone or with friends, play me some loud hip hop or Latin dance music, and I’m a very happy girl! If I’m in a tropical place having a drink with my hubby on vacation, Dave Matthews Band is what we always play.


Founder & Outside Sales

I lived in Germany for three years while in the Air Force and traveled through much of Europe during that time.

I’m a sports enthusiast and played football, baseball, and basketball in my earlier years and play golf regularly now. I attend almost all of my two sons’ and three grandchildren’s indoor and outdoor soccer games during the year. I love going to Cubs and Packers games when I get the chance.

I will play cribbage with anyone and have been referred to in Kenosha as “the Yutka who plays cribbage at McDonald’s” because it’s something I do so often. My bright blue Yutka Fence vehicle gives away my whereabouts!

In 2017 I traveled with my wife and sons through Europe, covering nine countries – a family trip of a lifetime!

In 1990 while driving back alone from a fence training course in Washington state, I got stuck in a snowbank in the middle of a blizzard in the mountains of California. Not realizing I was alone in a “closed” national park, I abandoned my car and walked 40 miles up and down snow covered mountains, experiencing hallucinations, before finding help. A fencer never gives up!


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