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Our founder, Paul Yutka, began his career installing fences as a subcontractor for other fence companies. Over time, he became frustrated with the quality of materials he was being hired to install. He decided to start Yutka Fence in 1968 so he could offer fences he was confident putting his name and reputation behind. Over 55 years later, we continue to use high quality materials and installation techniques that give your new fence the longest life possible.

We know what makes posts last longer and remain plumb, what keeps gates functioning well year after year, and what materials and installation methods help a fence withstand strong winds and repeated frost and thaw cycles in winter. Our materials and installation techniques take those factors and many others into consideration to protect your investment.

Many fence companies can make a fence look pretty the day it’s installed, but very few companies do what is necessary for your fence to look beautiful years down the road. With decades of experience and our unwavering commitment to quality, you can be assured your Yutka Fence will perform well and enhance the look of your property for many years after it’s installed.



Yutka Fence partners with trusted suppliers who provide strong material and performance warranties for their products to give you peace of mind with your purchase. Most suppliers require you to register your product with them to be eligible for the warranty. You can find specific warranty and registration information for all our suppliers listed below.


Digger Specialties: Digger Specialties, Inc. is proud to offer one of the strongest warranties in the industry. All aluminum products are covered by a Lifetime Limited Warranty and vinyl products are covered by a Transferable Lifetime Limited Warranty. For more warranty information, visit https://www.diggerspecialties.com/product-owners/warranties/

Ultra: Ultra Aluminum fencing products are guaranteed for life against defects in workmanship and/or materials. The Powercoat™ finish on all Ultra fencing is unconditionally guaranteed for life against cracking, peeling, or chipping. For more warranty information, visit https://www.ultrafence.com/literature.html#limitedwarranty


Ameristar Montage: Montage residential fences undergo an 11-stage E-Coat process and are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. For more warranty information, visit https://www.ameristarperimeter.com/us/en/products/ornamental-fence-gates/montage/montage-residential

Northern White Cedar: Northern White Cedar has been Yutka Fence’s wood of choice for over 55 years for its beauty, longevity, and higher resistance to rot and decay. Yutka Fence provides a 3 year warranty on new residential wood fences and a 1 year warranty on new wood gates. Fence repairs and commercial fences and gates have a 1 year warranty.


Yutka Fence provides a 3 year labor warranty on all new residential fences and a 1 year labor warranty on all new residential gates. Fence repairs and commercial installations have a 1 year labor warranty. Details of Yutka Fence’s warranty are listed below.

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The warranty a fence company offers separate from a manufacturer warranty becomes very important in determining what costs, if any, you will be liable for in the case you make a claim against a manufacturer warranty. Some manufacturer warranties cover a contractor’s labor costs to replace the defective materials, and some don’t. If the manufacturer warranty doesn’t cover labor, it is very rare for a fence company to cover labor costs. Yutka Fence stands out and stands alone in this scenario. A Yutka Fence Guarantee™ covers the labor costs to remove defective product and replace it with new product if the manufacturer doesn’t – at no cost to you! Please refer to our Guide to Comparing Fence Warranties to understand the differences in warranties you’ll find in the industry before you purchase a fence.


Yutka Fence’s superior materials and installation techniques give us confidence in offering the best guarantees in the industry. Your salesperson will discuss the guarantee options available at Yutka Fence so you can select the fence and guarantee package that best meets your needs. Please read our Guide to Comparing Fence Warranties (hyperlink) to understand the differences between our guarantees and others you’ll find in the industry.

Below is the text for the Guide to Comparing Fence Warranties pdf:

ls and the craftsmanship. The specifics matter when it comes to a guarantee, so let’s look at each separately:

MATERIALS WARRANTY The first component of a warranty applies to the materials being used for the project. Vinyl, steel, aluminum, and chain link often have a limited warranty from the manufacturer, ranging from 10 years to life. Each has different stipulations regarding what is and isn’t warrantied, how issues are remedied, if the warranty covers the full replacement value of the fence, etc. Manufacturer warranties almost always cover the replacement of defective fence materials, but not the labor to do the work, so it is the homeowner’s responsibility to pay for the labor. For materials such as wood, there usually is no manufacturer warranty; only the warranty the contractor provides, which may be as little as one year.

CRAFTSMANSHIP WARRANTY The second component to a warranty is the craftsmanship aspect of the project. This is a warranty promising the work was done properly and will last as expected. Contractors typically offer a one-year warranty. Here’s a scenario one may encounter: You buy a fence from a contractor and the material fails after six years. If you’re lucky enough to have a manufacturer warranty, you’ll still be responsible for paying the fence contractor to come and remove the existing fence and install the new one – even though they were the ones you bought the defective fence from in the first place. Here’s another scenario that’s even worse: You buy a wood fence from a contractor who gives you a one-year warranty. After four years, your posts are leaning because they weren’t installed deep enough, and all the shallow posts must be pulled out and replaced. You have no recourse to ask your contractor to replace the poorly installed fence because their warranty period has expired. These are real life scenarios we’ve heard from customers who come to us hoping for something different and better.


Your time is valuable, so we do the work of calling Diggers Hotline in WI or JULIE in IL for you. By the time you meet with your Yutka Fence Estimator, the aim to take all surprises out of the process so your installation g