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Yutka Fence is the premier provider of quality fencing across Southeast Wisconsin, including Milwaukee, Kenosha, and Racine. Family owned since 1968, we understand that pets are very important members of any family. That’s why we’re committed to installing dog fencing for your home any time of year.

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Your dog fence may be installed to protect your pet, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have to sacrifice quality or style. Yutka Fence has a solution to meet every budget, style, and HOA requirement, including:

Known for its durability and high resistance to decay, our cedar fencing is made of 100% Northern White Cedar from Michigan. Our cedar fencing will weather to a beautiful light gray over time, though it can also be stained.

Yutka Fence offers several design options for our high-quality aluminum fencing. Aluminum is extremely weatherproof and will provide solid pet protection without concern for rust or maintenance.

Homeowners in Southeast Wisconsin choose Yutka vinyl fencing for its beauty and durability. Vinyl fencing will not only protect your pet, but it can also create a stylish backyard atmosphere for your entire family.


Your sweet pup is an important member of the family, and dog fencing from Yutka Fence will provide a multitude of benefits for both of you, from their safety to your peace of mind. Working with Yutka Fence ensures the job is done right and will last well into the future. Dog fencing can benefit your family by:


    • Providing Safety – For active or working families, it can be challenging to keep an eye on your dog at all times. Dog fencing provides a secure area for your pets to roam freely while still staying safely in your yard.
    • Containing Your Pet – Most families don’t live in areas where dogs can safely and easily roam free, and there’s concern for pets getting lost as well. Dog fencing will keep your dog contained, but still provide plenty of room to wander.
    • Allowing for Exercise – If your dog is high-energy, you understand the need for plenty of open space to run. Dog fencing allows you to section off a portion of your yard for your dogs to jump, play, and run as much as they’d like, all while staying safely within your line of sight.
    • Preventing Unwanted Guests – As much as dog fencing keeps your pets inside, they also keep unwanted guests, from animals to nosy neighbors, out. Yutka dog fencing provides an extra layer of security for your pet and your home.
    • Providing Convenience When Dog Parks Aren’t Near – Unfortunately, not every community can provide quick and easy access to a dog park. When driving across town every day isn’t possible, you can easily use dog fencing to create a parklike environment for your pet.
    • Helps with Socialization with Other Pets – Playing with other pets is good for your dog’s development, but it’s not always easy to find unleashed spaces for your pet and his friends to play. Dog fencing provides a safe space for pets and their owners to gather and spend time together.


In the contracting industry, it’s important that things are done right from the start. Our customers have the right to expect the best in quality installation, products, and service.

To ensure that Yutka Fence continues to exceed those standards, owners Paul Yutka and Brett Yutka have completed the American Fence Association’s Field Training School.

American Fence Association – Field Training School

Part of the training that key Yutka Fence employees participate in is conducted during a week-long annual training session in various training grounds throughout the country.  Instruction takes place in both the field and the classroom and provides training in innovative installation techniques and new fence technologies.  Eight critical areas of fencing are covered:


We take great pride in delivering exceptional service and superior craftsmanship. Read through these testimonials to get a glimpse of how we have transformed outdoor spaces and provided reliable solutions for our customers.

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Expertly Designed Fences for a Delightful Customer Journey

Every fence project starts by us getting an understanding of how a new fence could enhance the beauty and functionality of your outdoor space.  During our free estimate, you’ll meet with one of our fence professionals at your home to discuss your budget, style preferences, and vision for the project.  We’ll give you a quote that same day because we’re just as excited as you are to get started and make your vision a reality!

You’re ready to move forward with your project, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way!  Your time is valuable, so we do the work of checking your municipality’s online database for a plat of survey for your property, calling Diggers Hotline to mark your underground utilities, and in many municipalities, we can even obtain your fence permit for you.  


At Yutka Fence, we believe in a meticulous approach to every project we undertake. We understand your wishes for your fence project may have changed slightly since the time of your initial estimate.  For that reason, we go one step further than the typical fence company by scheduling a comprehensive in-person layout meeting with you once you’re ready to move forward so we can review all aspects of your project and stake the location of your fence.  We believe our detailed layout meeting is the best way to give you peace of mind and ensure your installation is executed with precision and professionalism.

We know you’re curious about the status of your job and you deserve to be informed along the way.  Our Progress Tracker gives you updates throughout the process as you approach installation.    

This is the big day!  Installation begins on your project.  If you’re home upon completion, our Foreman will walk the yard with you to ensure you’re completely satisfied with our work.

After your installation is complete, we call you to ensure we’ve met the project expectations described in your contract.  We love happy customers and want to make sure you’re one of them!


Stay informed and inspired as we explore various topics, including fence design trends, material comparisons, maintenance tips, and much more. Whether you’re a homeowner looking for ideas to enhance your outdoor space or a business owner seeking practical solutions for security and aesthetics, our blog is your go-to resource.

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